The processing of sensitive information and personal data is crucial, not only for the degree of trust that your customers place in your services, but also for the sustainability of your business.

CASES has developed an analysis method to produce a comprehensive risk report on this matter, with suggested solutions. You will, therefore, be able to take the appropriate measures to enhance information security within your organisation and meet your legal obligations.


CASES optimised risk analysis method (MONARC):

  • thoroughly evaluates the risks involved
  • determines their level of criticality
  • describes the possible consequences for your organisation.   It is based on CASES expertise and regularly updated prior knowledge of the business processes used within your professional organisation.

Stage 1: Context Establishment

This stage is used to establish the context of the risk analysis and to produce:

  • a trend evaluation
  • a threats assessment
  • the risk management context
  • definition of the assessment, acceptance and impact criteria.

Stage 2: Context Modelling

This step involves

  • identification of assets, vulnerabilities
  • impact assessment
  • summary of assets/impacts.

Stage 3: Evaluation and Treatment of Risks

This step involves the estimation, evaluation and processing of risks. Its output is a risk management plan.

Stage 4: Implementation and Monitoring

This involves the implementation of the risk treatment plan.


MONARC delivers more in-depth results than the CASES Diagnostic.

You will benefit from:

  • specific knowledge about your exposure to risk relating to your business processes
  • recommendations specially tailored to the situation of your organisation
  • CASES methodologies and tools, based on the ISO 27001 family of information security standards
  • access to the platform

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