Diagnostic CASES


Your organisation deals with sensitive data every day. As a data manager, you have specific obligations in relation to data protection. The CASES diagnostic will help you reduce your exposure to IT risks.

In order to give you the best possible result and recommendation, you should first do a self-assessment with the Fit4Cybersecurity tool.


Using a dedicated questionnaire, CASES’s experts will:

  • identify vulnerabilities
  • evaluate the level of maturity of the security of your IT systems
  • issue recommendations

The diagnostic can help to:

  • ensure the security of internal data and information about customers
  • ensure that the business complies with the laws of Luxembourg
  • protect the company’s reputation

The diagnostic will help you in both technical and organisational terms. The questions are devised to cover the most frequent information risks in Luxembourg. A CASES expert will visit your company and will ask you the necessary questions while providing you with guidance. This is a good introduction to the information security continuous improvement procedure.


  • Free, with no commitment – for Luxembourg only
  • Rapid process; questionnaire takes two hours; diagnostic delivered within five working days

Why wait any longer? Take your Fit4Cybersecurity and apply for your Diagnostic CASES afterwards.