what is it?

This self-assessment tool, to help business owners implement a better cybersecurity strategy, is named Fit4Cybersecurity to highlight the introduction to information security. It is also a prerequisite for doing a Diagnostic CASES: a minimum score of 80/100 is required. The purpose for this restriction gives us the opportunity to better tailor the recommendations to your organization during the Diagnostic.

The objective of the self-assessment tool, Fit4Cybersecurity, is to assess the maturity of an organization in terms of applicable good practices in the field of information security.

good to know

In view of the methodology used and the fact that it is a self-assessment, it is understood that the overall results can not in any way be exhaustive. As such, the actual risk assessment or the list of identified risks and vulnerabilities are based on the information provided by the client. The analysis resulting from this assessment can engage only the customer for any omission or error that would be due to third parties or not.

The tool, Fit4Cybersecurity can possibly provide recommendations. It is understood by the client that the recommendations are neither exclusive nor exhaustive.

It should also be noted that the information you have provided to us will be recorded for statistical reasons. Due to the nature of the data, we can not identify you. Unless you later contact us to do a Diagnostic CASES.

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